“Tai Chi has given me freedom to be myself and has made me conscious of the body I live in and the power within. With the support and loving kindness of my teachers and the other students freely given it has given me a sense of ease and peace along with expanding my mind. When I practice it brings to mind the feeling or soaring high in the sky with the birds…..freedom.”

                                                             Brigid, Teacher Training course student


“Health and spirituality would be the motivation for my participation in this course. To keep my joints and muscles moving and flexible is important to me. Meditation is a requirement, and this is essential for spiritual growth. Being a teacher will mean that I have to keep up my practice in both areas. The instructors are very experienced and respected people and model an attractive lifestyle.”

                                                            Olivia, Teacher Training course student


“I trained as a Tai Chi teacher over 10 years ago. I found the teaching very enjoyable, inspiring and most beneficial to health and wellbeing. I still practice Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation on a regular basis and find it very uplifting and energising.”

                                                            Anne, Tai Chi Teacher

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