To contact us and inquire further about the Tai Chi Teacher Training programme please email or call Rosaleen using the details below.

Phone: +353 (0)86 0789 241


About Rosaleen

Rosaleen Fadden founded the Tai Chi and Wellness Academy in 2019. Rosaleen qualified as a Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher in 2006 and has taught Tai Chi for the past 14 years. Rosaleen is also an accredited Counsellor and Family Therapist (registered member of Family Therapy Association of Ireland), Meditation Facilitator, and certified Life Coach. Rosaleen teaches a series of morning and evening classes, blending Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation with practical life skills. Over the years Rosaleen has seen the benefits of these wholesome arts first-hand – increased confidence mentally and physically; raising vibrations, awakening consciousness as well as building a strong and flexible body.

Rosaleen qualified as a nurse in the early 1980s, going on to complete a second specialisation in psychiatric nursing.  Rosaleen worked on the therapeutic programme in St. John of God Hospital in Dublin for 10 years. Her interest in mental health and wellness led her to qualify as a Counsellor and Family Therapist. After qualifying Rosaleen co-founded a family therapy practice in Dublin. Rosaleen always recognised the importance of having a bodily exercise programme alongside a therapeutic one. She qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer and went on to incorporate relaxation and physical fitness into her therapeutic model. In the early 1990s Rosaleen and her family founded a Retreat and Wellness Centre at the foot of the Blackstairs Mountains in Carlow, where she co-ordinated and facilitated workshops in the areas of meditation, counselling skills and physical and mental well-being until the early 2000s. Rosaleen’s whole-person approach has always been towards wellness, vitality, inner contentment and a higher level of consciousness.  Supporting people through the changes necessary to achieve these goals inspired her to qualify as a Personal and Executive Coach in 2009.

Working with a diverse range of individuals and professional organisations during her 10 years managing the wellness centre, Rosaleen recognised the need for having a spiritual dimension to life. Her interest in theology and subsequent qualification in spiritual direction anchored the next phase of her growth journey. Radiance, Vitality, Inner-Knowing and High-Level Wellness became the cornerstones of Rosaleen’s approach to supporting those she worked with. Rosaleen was introduced to Tai Chi and Chi Kung by Master Jason Chan in 2001 and felt that this was a very life-giving and nurturing way of looking after the body, mind, soul and spirit. She completed the 3-year Tai Chi Teacher Training programme with Master Jason Chan of the Infinite Arts Academy in 2006 and completed the Advanced Training programme in 2010. For 14 years Rosaleen has been teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation classes and facilitating workshops and week-long retreats in Ireland, Greece and Laos. Rosaleen has now been inspired to share this learning and valuable experience with other like-minded people through the Tai Chi and Wellness Academy. The Academy will provide a series of classes and workshops and for the first time in 2019 Rosaleen, along with other qualified teachers will provide a Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation Teacher Training programme in Carlow. This training course will lead to a Teacher Training Diploma, enabling graduates of this Diploma to share these life-giving practices with others.

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